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Electric thermal storage radiators are the ideal choice for heating homes, apartments and just about any space that needs heating, even without a gas connection. Simply plug them into an electric wall socket, and the radiator does the rest. These radiators are not for use in bathrooms or wet environments.

How do electric thermal storage heaters work?

Electric thermal storage radiators utilize cordierite ceramic plates that are heated to approximately 90°C / 194° F.  This process takes only 15 minutes to achieve.  Once the optimal room temperature is reached, the thermostat shuts off the use of electricity to the heater, but the panels continue radiating heat into the surrounding space.

When the radiator’s core temperature drops too low, the thermostat switches on again and the whole cycle is repeated.

What are these radiators made from?

Quality spiral heating elements and cordierite ceramic plates that are encased in a powder-coated steel cover that absorbs the heat from the ceramic plates and radiates it out into your living space.

Are they safe to use unattended?

Electric thermal storage radiators are maintenance-free and come equipped with a built-in thermostat safety feature that will never allow your radiator to overheat. The thermostat can be set to turn on only during off peak hours making its use ecologically friendly and cost effective.

All units are powder-coated in a durable, corrosion resistant coating that makes the product life virtually unlimited.

You can rest assured that the quality, safety and design of your radiator will last for generations to come.

Which one is right for you?

Because the price of the radiator you need depends on the heat output you require, the first thing you have to consider is the size of the space you will be heating.Keep in mind, all of our radiators are 59,4 cm in height and 7,2 cm in depth and the model types differ based on the total width and power output.Our smallest radiator is a 400W unit that can heat a room up to 10 m³ and our largest is a whopping 2000W unit capable of making 50 m³ toasty warm.

Check out the models below.


  • DTS 2x2

    The DTS 2x2 is our smallest radiator and is available in a range of 400 to 800W units. It is designed to heat rooms ranging from 10 to 20 m3.

  • DTS 2x4

    A radiator the size of the DTS 4x2 starts at 800W and is capable of heating the room from 20 to 40 m3.

  • DTS 2x6

    If you are looking to heat an entire living space around 45 cubic meters then DTS 2x6 is what you are looking for. This model is available in a power range that is sure to satisfy your every expectation. Just plug it in, and you are warm before you know it.

  • DTS 2x8

    The DTS 2x8 is a large single panel radiator and is one of our most powerful storage heaters. This model will make any room cozy and is perfect for larger spaces and rooms in the 40 to 50 m³ range.

    Are you having a hard time picking out a model?

    Call or email us; we'll be happy to help.

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  • Akumulační radiátor DTS 2x2 400W

    362 x 594 x 72 mm
    14,5 kg
    Prostor pro vytápění
    10 m3
    Cena bez DPH
    5 700 Kč
    Cena s DPH
    6 897 Kč

Displayed 1 item